Basement Remodel

Here is the baseline discussion about my family’s living situation: my husband and I (along with our now 11 month old daughter) have been renting the basement from my father for 9 months now. We decided to do this because it was economical (I’m in college and so making very little), convenient location-wise, and offered more square footage than anything we’d find on the market for that price (not to mention we could remodel and redecorate the space).

Sketch of the basement remodel ‘blueprint’.

The basement was configured like so and we were living in the ‘game room’ for the first 7 months as though in a studio apartment.

Sketch of the ‘studio apartment’ furniture configuration.

Obviously, the living situation was less than ideal but it was all supposed to be temporary. There was no flooring yet, but we threw down two enormous rugs we got at the flea market years ago. There was unfinished drywall on the wall with the door and only insulation board on the wall with the couch, and nothing at all on the other two.

(Above/Left: My daughter & I standing in front of our ‘closet’ with insulation board in the background; Above/Right: My husband & our daughter on the limited floor space between her crib, his dresser, our bed, & the rocking chair)

Needless to say, it drove me insane. The remodel (entailing plumbing; installing a bath/shower, toilet, & sink; drywall, mudding, sanding, & painting; tile flooring; drop ceiling; trim, baseboards, & doors) was supposed to be done before we moved in. But the deadline came and went, so we moved into the ‘studio apartment’ so we would have room to work on the actual living areas. But months came and went until finally we broke down and hired a contractor.

12391770_10207894860081590_3105349970625200527_n (1)
My daughter and I sitting in the nursery before sanding & painting had been completed.
The nursery being painted before ceiling installation.

Now I’m not going to get into details here because it’s painful and tedious and complicated, but let’s just say the contractor did not do the best job. We had to call him to come fix things multiple times and his crew was incompetent. At the time it felt liked we’d been robbed, but with some perspective, I can say that everything turned out alright and I harbor no ill will towards the guy.

The master bedroom after paint, ceiling installation, and clean up.

Anyhow, only in the past two months has the official remodel been undertaken and completed. We’ve moved in. And I am immensely relieved.

Stay tuned for more specific updates on how we’ve made the basement feel like home.


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