$20 DIY Forever Planner

So in light of the school year starting (for me at the very least), I’ve decided to post my lovely new forever planner.

Let me preface with this: I have always been in love with school supplies. In fact, I mourned this ritual when I got to college because with a laptop you really don’t need anything in the way of notebooks, highlighters, colorful binders, or pretty pens. But there was always one thing I still needed: a planner.

Now I am fickle and I can’t make choices very well, so often I would ditch my planner in between semesters for a newer, better, prettier, more structured model. That being said, I think I have found the one.


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I got this refillable binder planner by Recollections at Michael’s for roughly $10 if my memory serves (I had a 50% off coupon). I chose this striking cobalt blue which I am in love with now and can’t see myself looking back on as gaudy and childish either. It is sturdy, gorgeous, reusable, and even has pockets in the front for sticky notes and my student ID and in the back for a spare notebook.

To start, I bought a calendar insert pack–I chose the lovely watercolor theme because YES–which I got for $5 (with another 50% off coupon). It came with monthly dividers, calendar & weekly spreads, and stacks of to-do lists, blank lined pages, & grid paper.

Then amongst the myriad of additional insert packs (budget, menu planning, wedding, fitness, and so many more), I chose the academic planner which I got for $5. This pack came with pages to keep track of important projects, assignments, and readings.

I love the important projects page because it has the project, class, professor, due date, and space for a description, plus other important due dates for things like rough drafts, group meetings, etc. I put this one up in front so that I’m always reminded of what’s coming up on the horizon. Right across from this page I wrote short funny/inspirational quotes for every month. For instance, September is “My brain has too many tabs open.”

I use the assignments page for lesser ‘projects’ like papers (mostly because papers are a breeze for me as an English major). Again, there’s space for the assignment, the class, and a brief description.

I use the readings to go into detail as to when I should have it read, what class it’s for, what book (because I read about 6 per class in a semester), and how many pages. Something about seeing it all lined up helps me manage the mountain of reading.

I use the to-do list for little tasks that I need to squeeze in like going to the registrar’s office or hanging flyers for The Elixir, as well as the smaller, everyday assignments like exercises for French class. I love being able to go down the list and tick things off.

I spend a lot of time staring at my planner, trying to keep all my classes straight, and generally stay on top of things since I am a full time student, mom, wife and a part time tutor. So it’s important to me that my planner not only be attractive, but super functional. This, I think, fills the bill.


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