Office Makeover

Here is the before (which is still a step up from no desk and no room for one):


I got the desk and chair from Target for $135 (they were on sale, there was a 10% off furniture promo, and I have a RedCard which saves me 5%). I love the ‘wood’ color, the modern/rustic/industrial blend, and the trestle which give me extra space–plus I love open shelving! The chair I chose because it was the most fashionable rolling chair available and all of the good-looking immobile chairs were pretty expensive–plus I love the grey and the textured material and it went really well with the pillow I already had. It’s also adjustable which is great since the desk is pretty tall. It fits perfectly in between the trestles too, which I was worried about. I’m planning to spray paint the silver bar on the chair copper or a warm brass eventually. All in all, I got a great looking office combo for pretty cheap.

(Take note of the magazine racks, letter organizer, and pen bucket for later.)

Here is the after:


I’m super happy with my little space. I took special care in decorating it because it’s not in an office, it’s against the back wall of the living room. So to make sure I don’t get distracted by the TV behind me, I put up lots of little incentives and motivational posters.


The “There is No Time like the Present” poster is a free printable from Fellow Fellow. The lovely watercolor calendar is a free printable from Clementine Creative, though unfortunately my printer didn’t print it as bright as I had hoped–must be running out of ink! I got the clipboard for $3 in the dollar section at Target. I used command strips to hang everything because my dad was being finicky about putting holes in the walls, but I actually ended up liking this a lot better because A) I don’t have to have any help, B) it’s super easy and quick, and C) I can move things around without damaging the walls even further.


The “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” poster is a free printable from Oh So Lovely. I had lot of fun using a bunch of washi tape I’d been hoarding for years, but I did have to reinforce some of them with regular clear tape because they started to roll up. I also used some black and white chevron washi tape to transform a boring old bulletin board into the centerpiece for my gallery wall.


I use my bulletin to keep all of those coupons and nagging tasks up front (see how bad of a mother I am? I still haven’t gotten around to picking up my daughter’s official birth certificate). I got those super cute and chic vision board printables for free from A House Full of Sunshine.


The filing cabinet was originally one of those tacky clear plastic things that you can get at Walmart for about $15 leftover from my husband’s bachelor days. I used Charcoal Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint on the drawers because I hated being able to see what was inside–it’s just odds and ends so it was pretty messy. I used Aged Copper Rust-oleum Metallic Spray Paint for the base because I couldn’t leave it black next to the charcoal and I think it gave it a nice touch without seeming falsely metal as opposed to my other colors (i.e. bright copper & gold).



Left to right: a Scotch globe tape dispenser that I got on clearance for less than $5, a letter rack that I spray painted with the aged copper that I got for $3 in the Target dollar section, a free printable bookmark that says “I Like Big Books” from Oh My! Handmade, an old dirty white porcelain lamp that I spray painted using Rust-oleum’s Shiny Metallic Copper, a faux leather tray of various super cute clips, push pins, clothes pins, etc. that I have collected from the Target dollar section (seriously, I love that section so much and most of the time I save the little test tubes that they come in for my daughter to play with in her kitchen), and a stack of $20 Shutterfly coupons that I took from my school’s bookstore that I can’t wait to use!


Left to right: two magazine racks that I got from the Target dollar section for $3 each that I spray painted with the aged copper to match the letter organizer, a $1 bucket from–gasp!–the Target dollar section that I spray painted with the shiny copper, a super cute typewriter mug that I got from T.J. Maxx that says “You’re my type,” and one of a set of four dip-dyed acacia coasters from Threshold at Target–I love that brand so much it’s scary.


I got the “hustle” printable for free at Oh So Lovely. I also have a little soft spot for my gold-gilded moose friend.

So basically, these little projects make me very happy. As Gretchen Rubin says in her book, happiness is largely dependent on an atmosphere of growth.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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