PJ’s First Birthday Party

My daughter P.J. turned one on August 21st and I still can’t get over it. In fact, I got really emotional on Facebook about it:

My daughter is a year old today. ONE YEAR. A year ago today, my life changed forever. I became a mom…to the funniest, craziest, sweetest, most gorgeous and wonderful little girl. It’s been the busiest, wildest year of my life and I can hardly believe that we’ve managed to raise (i.e. not kill) a one year old.

Anyways, I wanted to post her birthday party before fall officially hit, since it was super summery and awesome.

Here’s a picture of our workspace. I had to get a sitter for the day so we (P.J.’s godmother and I) could prep everything.

Here’s the finished garland wall. I used this free printable fruit garland from MinieCo and hot glued it to some twine I got in the Target dollar section. Overall, I loved the geometric look, but the pineapples were a little too pointy. So I rounded out the bottom and they turned out super cute. The pineapples were still very heavy, so I did end up taping them to the wall.

I used this free printable from Studio DIY for the smaller watercolor pineapples. I loved the contrast between the geometric and the watercolor.

My best friend Megan (P.J.’s godmother) made the tassels with her craft sorcery and I handcut the leaves from these printables (Palm Fronds, Safari Leaves) at Lia Griffith–I did have to subscribe for $5, but I cancelled the subscription after the first month so it was a small price to pay for a well-balanced banner wall.

The balloons I got at Oh Shiny Paper Co for only $9 were inflated with air and strung up. It was super easy and they’re reusable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the spread for all of the food (we had cheese, mini corn dogs, & fruit but they’re not set out here). I got the lemon dessert plates for $2 at Walmart, the flamingo float coasters at Oriental Trading Company for $8.50 per dozen, I picked up a bouquet at the local market, and we made decorative pineapple toothpicks.



Plus, check out these adorable flamingo straws! I used the free printable over at The Cottage Market and then hand cut these bad boys out. Totally worth it.

Here is the precious high chair garland that Megan made P.J. It made everything much more festive. And bonus: the free smash cake that came with the Publix cake we bought.

Speaking of which, here is the cake we bought. I made the cake topper myself with some card stock, a sharpie, twine, hot glue, and some super cute flamingo and pineapple straws!

I was going to attempt to do the Jello-filled watermelon, but it didn’t set in time and I don’t think anyone missed it. We did take the time to draw watermelon seeds on pink balloons and lemon wedges on yellow balloons, but they never made it to the party because P.J. was scared of them. Ah well, hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

All in all, I had a grand time putting it all together and it’s a memory we’ll cherish forever and we have pictures I love looking at.

To see what I got PJ for her present, click here.


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