Month Two: Health & Hygiene

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project

This month I am going to try to improve my health and hygiene habits. I thought that this resolution made sense to follow on the tail of energy. It couldn’t be coming at a better time either, because I am super sick (cold courtesy of PJ’s daycare). So I’ll be incorporating vitamin C and cough drops into this month’s regimen.

The tasks I have set myself are:

Improve my dental hygiene. I don’t have the best track record in this department, partly due to genetics, partly due to a childhood of disregard. So, I’m going to put up a reminder for myself in the bathroom to brush twice daily, floss, and use mouthwash. Hopefully my husband will catch on too!

Shower no matter what. Especially during the summer, I’ve found myself choosing a nap or some “me time” over a shower and I always regretted it. Showers help me feel alert, clean, and energetic. So, even on the weekends when it’s tempting to let it slide, I want to take that shower (even if it’s not until noon). And I want to get in the habit of shaving at least every other day–something I’ve let slide since I got pregnant and couldn’t really reach my legs!

Take my pills. This applies to all types of pills: vitamins, DayQuil, and even birth control. There’s a reason I have a one year old in my senior year of college and it’s not because that was the plan. For some reason, I have a weird aversion to taking medicine (part of me thinks it just doesn’t work, but that’s not true).

I’ll report on how keeping this month’s resolutions goes when I start the next round in November, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Check out my status report on how Month Two went!


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