Our Wedding Vows

I would like to preface this explaining–and I don’t know how or when or why this developed because it was a long time ago that feels like forever now–that the “pinky promise” is sacred between my husband and I. Under its oath we cannot tell a lie, no matter the size.

My husband’s vows (he went first):

“You have made me look at life in this different perspective, like life is a thing to be done, not something we must do. Like every day should be the best day of our lives, because it’s the one we’re living. I want to be with you every second of every day, for every moment we will cherish and every moment we will forget. I just want you. I love you Katelyn, and nothing in this world will ever come between us.

I pinky promise to be there for you, on your worst days and mine.

I pinky promise to hold you close, and hold your hand.

I pinky promise to love you unconditionally, through and through.”

My vows:

“When we met, I was a girl who was far too gullible and only now do I realize that I was extremely fortunate that you turned out to be you: a man who cries at the movies and misses me when I’m gone and is unwaveringly committed to us. To quote Augustus Waters, “I am so lucky to love you.” I feel privileged to marry you.

I pinky promise to do the laundry and have Mexican food once a week.

I pinky promise to love you whether you go bald or not, and wherever we go.

I pinky promise to consciously choose you every day, to marry you every day for the rest of my life.”

To see pictures of us reading these vows, see our wedding album.


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