Becca Jean the Hiccup Queen, or: An Introduction

When I was little, my family used to call me Becca Jean the Hiccup Queen, because I would laugh and giggle to the point of hyperventilation, get the hiccups, and often even make myself sick with it.

But before I say any more, I should probably introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Becca. I’m a junior English major at Brenau. I also work in the Writing Center, and these two facets of my Brenau life are the main reason I know Kate and spend every waking moment with her (at least, so it seems). I’m glad for it, too — over the past couple of semesters (this semester in particular) we have grown closer. I have compared my friendship with Kate to the friendship of Wordsworth and Coleridge.


We have each become for the other a sounding board, a confidant, a partner in crime, and a true friend. I honestly don’t know what I would be doing without Kate. (I mean, maybe I’d get more homework done during free time at work? But it definitely wouldn’t be as fun as it is now.) We are a dynamic duo, always partnering for group-work and taking charge of the organizations we are involved in (such as The Elixir and Sigma Tau Delta). Some have even referred to us as a power couple (and by some, I mean us).

In seriousness, a recent point of anxiety for me has legitimately been: What the hell am I going to do when she graduates? There are always those friends that you feel you can’t survive without (though, in truth, those friends never truly leave you), and for me, Kate has become one of them. She is set to graduate a semester before me, and I really don’t know what I’m going to do when I no longer see her basically every single day. I know she’ll always be just a text or a phone call away, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about it (though not quite sad enough to graduate early — I’m too scared of the real world for that).

But back to the matter at hand…

Outside of my friendship with Kate, I have involved myself to the point of exhaustion (at times) — though I cannot stress that I love everything I do, and would do twice as much if it was humanly possible. I am a member of Tri Delta and various honor societies, President of BPEG (our photography club), and EIC of Odyssey at Brenau (read my work here).

I am no longer the little girl with the embarrassing nickname (though I will concede to my sister that Nienie Rose peed on her toes is by far the worse of the two). I’m an “adult” now — at least, I’m somewhere between young adult and real adult. And it’s all at the same time terrifying and exciting and stressful and the most fun I’ve ever had.

And now, you’ll get to hear about it.

Thanks for reading.

Becca Jean

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