Month Four: Money

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project

This month I am going to try to improve my spending habits. Whereas Gretchen Rubin’s month committed to money focused on splurging on “needful things,” my goal is to reign it in. Some might say that December is the worst month to try to tackle this particular resolution because Christmas is on the horizon, but that’s exactly why I chose it. I get a little Target-happy during Christmastime, especially since I’m out of school and can make the 5 minute drive anytime I want.

Saving money has never been more important than now because I am trying to raise/put away enough to go to Cambridge for four weeks in the summer. For more info on that and my fundraiser, click here.

The tasks I have set myself are:

Sleep on it. More often than not, I find myself regretting that extra $15 I spent on something I didn’t really need. If I adhere to the rule of thumb of at least one night of sleep to mull it over, I’ll save a heap of money and prevent further clutter.

It’s nice to have plenty of money. Sometimes I get this mentality that since I have money in the bank, I should spend it. Let’s chalk it up to my “generous heart” when it comes to gift-giving (or a serious shopping problem that I should seek help for…) But I want to try to set myself a quota for how much I should have in savings at all times and hopefully this will prevent me from draining my bank account. Plus, as the mantra says, it’s a comforting feelings to have plenty of money for that really special something or that unexpected, blown-out tire.

Quality, not quantity. This one is so familiar and yet so hard to remember, especially in the Target dollar section. I really should just steer clear of that area entirely but they make it front and center, and the merchandise is new almost every time I go in there…It’s a never-ending battle. But I find myself regretting these little, seemingly innocent and inexpensive purchases the most–mostly because they’re the least useful things. Plus I find myself buying different versions of a lot of the same things (i.e. push pins, paper clips, paper banners).

I’ll report on how keeping this month’s resolutions goes when I start the next round in January, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Check out my status report on how Month Four went!


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