Empty House

Guest writer Becca’s short story, “Empty House,” as seen in The Elixir.

The house was empty, but the television in the sitting room was on, the glow from some commercial reflecting on the leather love-seat in the center of the room. The footrest was too far from the love-seat for anyone’s legs to possibly reach it while they were sitting there.

Boxes of baby clothes, diapers, and other such trinkets littered the hallway leading to the master bedroom. The door to the bedroom was wide open, a mark behind the door from the knob cracking into the wall. The bed itself was made up, the only objects on it the remote to the TV and a cracked open copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

In the corner of the bedroom was a newly assembled wooden crib, the mobile above it spinning slowly- a giraffe, elephant, bunny, duck and bear playing a never-ending game of tag.

In the bathroom, the faucet was leaking; the drip drip dripping resonating throughout the room. The smell of cleaning products, mildew, and soap hung in the air. The plastic bar that hung the shower curtains was lying half inside the tub and half out of it, the curtains themselves soaked with the bath-water that had not yet drained.

A small pool of blood glistened on the tiled floor, a towel haphazardly thrown across it.

Becca Jean

via Empty House

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