My DIY Christmas Village

As Christmas comes to a close and I start to take down my tree and other decorations, I wanted to share my village with you all because A) I devoted a lot of time & effort to the project, and B) it was a pretty major success in my book since I am not the craftiest person.

The reason I wanted to do my own village instead of buying various pieces from Walmart, Michaels, even Home Depot, etc. was because my mother’s village is all different sizes–the library is bigger than the Cracker Barrel by a LOT, and though in an ideal world that would actually be the case, I don’t love that look.

Plus, I wanted to really personalize it and get the look I wanted. So, I bought two cardboard houses from Hand Made Modern at Target because that’s all they had. They were about $6 a piece. Note: I love their sturdy construction & that they have an LED flickering candle built-in so I don’t have to deal with ugly string lights poking underneath.

I also got four different cardstock-type houses from Recollections at Michael’s. Though they were marked $10, I actually got them for $2 a piece because of sales and coupons. These are a little less well made but for the price & the variety, I thought it was well worth it.

Before painting

I already had 5 bottles of paint (Hand Made Modern satin acrylic) from previous projects and they were all in the same color scheme so I decided to go that route to decorate.


I bought Forest & Brick because I wanted each house to be its own color and I wanted to add red doors to make it more Christmas-y.

I used Lichen for this one

I taped up the roof with washi tape that I wasn’t particularly fond of because I wanted to keep the roofs white like snow, plus provide some pretty contrast. I should’ve done this for the windows but thought I could freehand it. I will definitely be touching those up next year with some white paint.

I used Moss for this one

I learned from my mistakes and did tape around the doors.

Left to right: Moss, Deep Sea, Lichen, Jade, & Peacock

Here is a work in progress shot. I painted the big areas first and then went back later to do the fine lines by the windows.

Left to right: Forest, Jade, Peacock, Lichen, Deep Sea, & Moss

I used some paper with white bricks on it from Michael’s as the backdrop. I also bought two packs of small bottle brush trees from the Target dollar section and a pack of adhesive wooden snowflakes to go above. I later found a pack of larger bottle brush trees that added depth, but that was after I took the pictures.

Closer look


I added gold glitter from the Target dollar section to add a little flair and look like accumulated snow–I know silver might be more accurate but I’m a sucker for all things gold.

The church steeple actually came with the house on the left, but I wanted to add a little extra height to the one on the right so I switched them.


I added this fox family from Walmart in afterward


The picture is a little dark, but it’s a green & brown bicycle from Michael’s that I added later on.

I’m really happy with how this project turned out and I can’t wait to take them out again next year & the year after…

I think I might add little wreaths for each house next year and definitely some more LED candle lights for the Recollections houses.

This was definitely money (and time) well spent!


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