Month Four (Status Report)

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project

Last month’s resolution of trimming down my spending habits went relatively well. I had bought a lot of my Christmas decorations last year after they all went on sale the 26th, so I didn’t need much to flesh things out. Christmas also kind of snuck up on me this year because of my thesis, the Southern Literature magazine I was working on, the other finals I had to worry about, and the fact that the semester ended later than usual–which all in all meant that I waited longer to buy presents and therefore didn’t spend the last few weeks buying unnecessary gifts/stocking stuffers (though I did buy 5 boxes of fruit snacks for P.J.).

Because I had picked out these Christmas gifts in August, I certainly had time to “sleep on it” as I had resolved to do.

As for having “plenty of money,” that was a success–I kept a certain (substantial) amount in my account at all times–and of course didn’t even have to think about touching my Cambridge savings. In fact, I added to that fund by winning a Sigma Tau Delta scholarship.

“Quality, not quantity” didn’t go quite as well because I bought quite a bit of supplies from the Target dollar section for my DIY Christmas Village. But overall I felt like I showed a lot of restraint, especially since story time was cancelled for two weeks which forced me to visit Target more often than I had originally planned. I did buy quite a few things for next Christmas on the 26th & 28th, but I used gift cards so I’m scot-free!

My fundraising is going well–I finally feel like Cambridge is a reality–so I’m confident that I can reach my goal by the summer, so I don’t think it will be hard to continue these goals throughout the year.

Check out my resolutions for Month Five: Home!


13 thoughts on “Month Four (Status Report)

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