Nursery Tour

I’ve been meaning to post this for almost 6 months now, so please forgive the backdated intro & bad pictures. I’ll probably be updating this within the next few days.

A recent trip to IKEA (bless the Swedes!) proved instrumental in putting the finishing touches on my daughter’s nursery–which has been in the process for the last 11 months, which, incidentally, is how old she is. Shame on me!!!

Here’s the general layout of the room.
Autumn hedgehog, summer squirrel, winter fox, & spring rabbit

First on my list were some IKEA pants hangers (only a dollar each) to hang the prints I colored from my Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest coloring book. I even colored them to represent the four seasons. Overall, a seriously thrifty, whimsical, & fun(!) way to decorate P.J.’s nursery.

Here’s a close-up:


P.S. If you’re curious, I used Stabilo marker pens.

This is an ordinary wall mirror from IKEA that I jazzed up with some fun washi tape to add interest.

Here is the gallery wall adjacent to her crib (not the best photo quality, but it was taken an hour before bedtime).


I got most of my frames from IKEA, though the far left is Threshold from Target.

The “You Are My Sunshine” print is a free printable from The Kiwi in the Clouds (download it here).
The “In the Spring, She Married a Bear” print I got from Emily Winfield Martin’s Etsy shop The Black Apple (find it here)–I love Emily’s children’s books.
The fox print is a free printable that I can’t seem to find on any of my Pinterest boards…apologies!
The “The Future is Bright” banner came from the Target dollar section when it was back-to-school themed, but I thought it worked for childhood.
The rest are super cute prints from Shutterfly of my maternity photo shoot & P.J.’s birth stats.


Here’s a close-up of the painting my best friend Megan did for P.J.’s first birthday:


I bought this toy storage cube from Target’s Room Essentials line (it was even cheaper than the IKEA version). I got the wire baskets from the Target dollar section for $3 each and though I had originally planned to spray them all the same shade of metallic, I decided to keep them different & colorful for the nursery. I also got the hamper from the Target dollar section for $7 to hold her many, many stuffies.

This is where we keep the paper page books–for now. One of my favorites is the Lost My Name personalized book.

Here’s a close-up of her IKEA shelves & trinkets:


Vase & fake peonies from IKEA, Reader’s Digest from a fair in Tennessee, & farm piggy bank from my grandmother via Hallmark (it makes animal noises when you put coins in!).
A Cherished Teddy on loan from my mother’s collection, a party mouse from Target’s Oh Joy! line, a hand painted bear from Target’s Hand Made Modern craft line, & a print by Cat Coquillette.
And, of course, a fox piggy bank from her godmother.
The “Once Upon a Time” banner was custom made by my friend Megan for my baby shower & the bird hangers were hand-me-downs from my mom (originally blue, but I thought there was too much of that color in her room already).
My munchkin getting ready for story time & bed. Also, I may have color sorted her Mega Blocks into two Room Essentials bins.
Clothes that fit on the right, clothes for the future on the left. I may have a shopping problem.

That’s all for her nursery ‘makeover’, and though it may not look like much because of my phone camera, it’s my favorite room in the house–light, colorful, whimsical, & less cluttered than anywhere else in the house. A happy place for a happy little girl.


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