Bucket List

In the spirit of New Year’s, of my Happiness Project, of keeping perspective, I thought I’d share my bucket list.


  • Be thrown in the fountain [x]
    • This is a Brenau tradition from back when it was basically a finishing school where women who get engaged are thrown into the fountain on the front lawn by their sisters.
      • I was thrown in by my friends (since I’m not in a sorority) after I was already married and I was only coerced to step in (since A: it was April and fairly cold & B: I was ‘gone with child’).


  • Get married [x]
    • See our wedding album here & read our vows here.


  • Have a baby [x]
    • See my pregnancy journal here, her baby book here, and her birth story here.
  • Get my third set of piercings [ ]
    • I got my first set for my 10th birthday and the second set when I was 18, right after I took the SAT.
      • The second time I turned white as a sheet, had to hug a trash can just in case, & they gave me a lollipop to boost my blood sugar.


  • Study at Cambridge University [ ]
    • Read all about the program & my fundraising here, and read my (winning!) scholarship essay here.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon [ ]
    • There’s actually a festival every year around Halloween at Kennesaw University and I think this October I’m finally going to try it.
  • Get my Bachelors degree [ ]
    • I’m graduating in December of 2017 (a semester late), but I am so happy with my pace & my path.
Photo source.
  • Get a tattoo [ ]
    • I might be too much of wuss for this one, but I always imagined that if I got a tattoo, it would be a Russian nesting doll. Partly because they’re beautiful; partly because I had some growing up & so did my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother (who has traveled all over the world); and partly because I think it of as a symbol for all of the many versions of our selves–the ones we grow out of, the different roles we take on, the ones we give birth to, etc.
  • Buy a house [ ]
    • This is a pretty obvious milestone, but after the basement remodel debaucle it will be a huge deal. Plus, I can’t wait to really make a childhood home for P.J. (and hopefully it’ll be our forever home, one I can make our own).
  • Get my Masters degree [ ]
    • I’m not currently sure where this fits in the timeline of my life because I might go straight into a graduate program or I might go straight into the workforce for now, but I know that I definitely want to get it at some point. I’m a nerd like that.
      • P.S. I’m thinking about applying to GSU or UGA. Thoughts?
  • Record a Christmas CD [ ]
    • This one is more frivolous than most of my others, but don’t go thinking its beyond aspirational. I don’t want to go platinum or anything. My husband went to school for music production for a year before he changed his mind and I just think it would be a fun Christmas present one year to use his equipment.
      • (I was originally a musical theatre major after all.)
  • Get my doctorate [ ]
    • Again, not sure when I’m going to tackle this, but I know it’s in my future. Mostly because I really want to be referred to as Mr. & Dr.
  • Voice a Disney character [ ]
    • This is, in my opinion, the only truly outrageous one on my list. Honestly, I’d settle for a Stan Lee-type cameo. Anything at all.

I know most of these aren’t normally considered “bucket list material” because they’re so workaday in nature, but they’re important to me. Plus their achievability makes me feel like I’m making strides towards progress in my life (especially since I’ve already crossed some off and I’m due to check off at least 3 more this year, maybe more!).


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