Living Room Tour

Aptly named, here is the living room, the room in which we spend the majority of our time.


We got the furniture (couch, loveseat, chair, ottoman, coffee table, and two side tables) from my in-laws since they sold their house after both their kids left (within a span of six months) and bought a trailer so they could buy land and build a “tiny house.” Though brown isn’t exactly my style, the furniture is comfy and dark and free. I thought about experimenting with fabric spray paint and making them a dark grey or navy–I even read a bunch of posts and watched YouTube videos and figured I’d test it out on the ottoman first. But my husband asked me to just let it be since he knew we’d be buying a new set when we move into our first house. I conceded since I’d read that the paint could change the texture of the fabric so that they were slightly rough.


As you can see, we don’t have the space for a designated ‘office‘ or ‘dining room,’ but the living room is enormous so we make do.

Here are our Shutterfly prints framed in IKEA frames. The frames were really cheap, but not quite the right size so I spray painted the frames to distract from the little bit of extra space at the top and bottom of the prints–shhhh!
I got the picture frame in a little gift shop in Panama City Beach, the vase came from T.J. Maxx, and the fake flowers (ranunculuses?) came from IKEA.
And the toy corner–you can see PJ’s Pottery Barn shopping cart (a Christmas present from her godmother).
Here is one of my oh-so-chic-ly styled bookshelves.
My mother-in-law was so thoughtful and preserved some of our wedding flowers around our invitation in a shadow box. I have the best luck with my in-laws.
Our Shutterfly photo albums–I used to have them out on the coffee table but then PJ proved to me what a mistake that was.
More fake flowers from IKEA in a set of little mismatched vases from BHLDN (Anthropologie’s wedding branch). The shutter frame is also from the little shop in PCB and its holding one of my favorite photos of all time of my dad and I.
Believe it or not, I got this adorable ampersand marquee light at Walmart for $10! I really liked it because I don’t really do initials or monograms etc.
And featured here is my second styled bookshelf, plus my toy ‘catch-all’ basket from Target’s Room Essentials line.
Please ignore the Twilight saga–I was in middle school once, sue me.
And here’s a close-up of my feeble Jane Austen collection (something I’ll be beefing up for my Cambridge class on her–for more info, click here). Plus my Russian nesting doll (inspiration for my future tattoo–something on my bucket list).


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