Month Five (Status Report)

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project

Last month’s resolution of keeping the house in order went fairly well, all things considered. Towards the tail end of the month, I got the flu and, frankly, it looked like a tornado had swept through my house, but everything is back under control again. I do think I owe some of my success to the fact that my classes haven’t picked up to full speed ‘per se’.

Check out some of my ‘home’ projects from this month here.

Sorting through the house was not as thorough as I had hoped, though we are working on a fairly minimal basis–no Christmas tree anymore at least! Ideally, I would still like to donate PJ’s old play kitchen and go through her clothes, but that’s going to have to wait now.

Storage has improved. I bought more storage bins for ornaments and garland, etc., plus this basket from Target’s Room Essentials line as a catch all for a lot of PJ’s new bulkier toys from Christmas:

See full post here.

The bedtime tidy sweep has been kept in steady effect throughout the month and I do think is a fully-fledged habit by now–barring crises like the flu. The trick now is to extend that to one chore a night perhaps, rather than waiting for the weekend when I have two breaks in the day because of naptime.

Chores have also been a bit easier than normal and this one actually has nothing to do with me. My darling dear husband has picked up the slack, either by cooking dinner so I’m free to do other things, giving PJ a bath so I can do the tidy sweep, throwing in a load of laundry, etc. He has even started taking my bookbag upstairs to the car for me in the mornings. It’s such a sweet little surprise when I wake up to find I don’t have to lug it up there.

For how I plan to reciprocate and more, check out my resolutions for Month Six: Marriage!


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