10 Memes that Perfectly Describe Being a College Mom

Walking around campus, I sometimes feel like an alien. Yet pushing my daughter in the swing at the park among other moms makes me feel the same way. The 25-year-old to 30-year-old mothers look at me like they’re sorry for the mistake I’ve made, or else they assume that when I say “school’s out,” I mean that I’m a teacher instead of a student. It’s so awkward and embarrassing to correct them. But when I tell the girls in my group project that I can’t meet at 5:00pm because I have to pick my daughter up from daycare, I get looks of shock, confusion, pity.

So here are ten memes for all the college moms out there that totally describe what the struggle is really like. You are not alone.

1. When your house turns into a quarantine zone because the baby gets everyone sick.

But obviously you don’t have the luxury of really being sick. You have all of the same symptoms, but someone has to take care of the sick baby and your husband is being a total baby about being sick too. Plus the sickness keeps cycling around — as soon as one person gets better, someone gives it to them again. And do you get an extension on that super important term paper that’s due in two days? Of course not.

– – –

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