What I’ve Learned from Motherhood

Aside from the obvious learning how to change a diaper, how to breastfeed, etc., I learned a lot about myself by becoming a mother. I was prepared to learn as I went about how to actually mother someone, but I didn’t realize that I would learn so much about myself by being someone’s mother.

1. I learned that I have maternal instincts.

Whenever I held a baby before I had my daughter, I was always mildly disgusted and mildly alarmed (lest it cry). Now, I’m a baby-wearing, nose-wiping champ who can diagnose a cry out of four different variations in under ten seconds.

2. I learned that I have another gear.

Before my daughter was born, I lolly-gagged, I procrastinated, I lounged on the couch when I should have been doing dishes/homework/etc. Now, I use every minute of nap time to my advantage. It’s like I’ve shifted into a whole other gear.

3. I learned that I am resilient.

Despite kicks in the ribs (both from inside the womb and out), being clawed by fragile infant nails and being forced to forego sleep, I was able to hold my sh*t together–as long as tears don’t count as falling apart, because honestly that’s just an occupational hazard.

4. I learned that I am strong.

Every day is spent carrying, lugging, hefting a 20 plus pound child who gets heavier as time goes on (both throughout the day and as the days go by).

5. I learned that I can do almost anything one-handed.

Making a bottle, brushing my teeth, eating soup (one spoonful for me, one spoonful for her)…the list goes on.

6. I learned that I have unlimited amounts of love to give.

I am bombarded by waves of love in the middle of the night as I check her breathing for the tenth time. When she ‘talks,’ when she smiles at me as I tell her good morning, when she laughs because I sneeze…the bar on the graph of my heart goes up another margin.

7. I learned that I have a huge spending problem.

When it comes to tiny baby booties, Etsy pacifier clips, the perfect bouncer, an adorable dress with a teddy bear holding a watermelon…I have no restraint.

– – –

As seen here on Odyssey


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