Pregnant Dreams

My poem, “Pregnant Dreams,” as seen on The Elixir.

Miscarrying while abroad;

there’s lots of blood

and inadequate healthcare.


A horde of tarantulas

emerging from an anthill

and chasing me into the water,

where I promptly choke on them

and drown.


Giving birth to a baby,

small enough

to make a bed in an iPod box;

no one questions this.


Getting hired as writing intern

for Tina Fey,

showing up late,

getting fired,

and now Tina hates me.


Living in the Ukraine,

having a miscarriage,

my husband dying,

and being forced to marry his brother-

a brother he does not have in real life.


Something about having to defeat

a cockroach…

the size of my foot.


via Pregnant Dreams

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