Month Ten (Status Report)

For context: Intro to My Happiness Project

Last month’s resolution of maintaining, nurturing, and making new friendships went as well as can be expected for a mom whose peers are not in the child-rearing phase and a student who is on break for the summer.

The most important thing I did in the name of friendship was attend my best friend Megan’s beautiful wedding. I was her maid/matron of honor (as she was mine). I tried really hard to get my little family in line and not contribute to any stress. Scott was also a groomsman and PJ was a flower girl. This meant that while we were rehearsing the day before, PJ was running through the chairs, and while each of us was getting dressed the day of, the other had to mollify a toddler.

To be honest, I feel like I let Megan down a little bit because she was the most amazing MOH anyone could ever ask for. She was essentially my day-of event coordinator. Luckily she had five other bridesmaids to surround her with love and encouragement, plus an actual coordinator from the venue.

But I hoped I did my part by making sure that my husband didn’t wear Gryffindor dress socks and PJ was stain-free with her hair in a bow. I did get the honor of putting her garters in place. Plus, before we left an hour early– after much dancing & cake & tantrums –I got to say goodbye and help her out of her wedding dress and into her Nigerian send-off dress.

And since her new husband didn’t want to do toasts and I am a writer, after all, I wrote a letter to the bride, which you can read at your leisure.

I also went on a lunch date, as promised, with my good friend Tahimi (who incidentally is getting married at the end of September). We went to Mocha Moe’s, drank hot coffee with foam leaf designs, chatted about weddings (past, present, & future), and generally I got to feel like an independent, adult, human woman. It was wonderful.

I also like to think that I have been watering the budding new friendships with Emeline and Hannah, who are going to be at Cambridge with Becca and I. We’ve bonded over ancestral name histories, Stephen Schwartz, and BSing our way through college. It’s been magical. And I’m also thanking my lucky stars that the women I’m going to be spending four weeks in very close quarters with are such lovely people. Plus, now things won’t be so awkward when we meet for only the second time and sleep next to each other on an 8+ hour flight.

And on that note, check out my resolutions for Month Eleven: Leisure!

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