The Linguist (Scene 11)

For reference, see character thumbnails.

[outside the lawyer’s office; RODGER, REESE, NELL, and WILL stand outside the closed door]

RODGER:     Whatever you hear in there, we’ll work through this. Everything’s gonna be fine.

REESE:     I know…now.

[RODGER and REESE embrace]

NELL:     You don’t have to wait for me.

WILL:     I want to. I want to waste my time how I see fit.

NELL:     [smiling]     Suit yourself.

[CYNTHIA opens the door from inside the lawyer’s office]

CYNTHIA:     Well, are you coming or not?

[REESE and NELL enter the office behind their mother; lights fade on stage left and come up on stage right to reveal the lawyer’s office; they all take their seats]

LAWYER:     As we are now all finally present, I can inform you that Reese and Nell Abbott are both entitled to, respectively…

[the lights go down and all three women gasp in shock]

—End Scene—


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