Eat/Drink like a Townie

-Explorer of Food-One of the best things about my study abroad last summer was that I could virtually eat whatever I wanted. Because we were on the go every minute we weren’t in class and the food was hearty but healthier and less processed, I actually lost weight while there.
Like a Townie

the-anchorThe Anchor is a riverside pub in the heart of town that serves traditional pub fare (in the sense that the British mean pub fare, which is far more diverse than America’s definition). I had roast chicken with tomatoes, spinach, Cornish potatoes, and some sort of creamy yellow sauce (pictured above). It was a perfect balance of heart and light because it was a reasonable portion size. I had a scoop of strawberry ice cream for dessert and I regret nothing.

[Left: Becca‘s fish and chips with tartar sauce and mushy peas; Right: Emeline’s mushroom soup and chips]

download.jpegThe Mitre is a pub on the main strip of Trinity and Sidney Streets. It’s more intimate and had a very smoky late-night feel when we went. I had a fun twist on the quintessentially British fish & chips–smoked salmon fishcakes with lemon aioli (pictured above). YUM!

348sThe Granta is another riverside pub, but it’s in a quieter, less central location off of Silver Street with a few by Darwin College of a secluded river-island. We sat on the river terrace to enjoy the perfect weather. I had a beef & ale pie with mash and carrots (pictured above).

Byron on Bridge Street.jpg


Byron’s Proper Hamburgers seems a bit out of place in Cambridge and there’s a reason for it. Their mission is to “to do one thing, and do it properly,” and that is to serve hamburgers the proper way–with simple, delicious ingredients. In fact, the founder was inspired by a four year stint in America. We ate here on our last day and I think we were all a bit homesick. I ordered a cheeseburger with bacon & crispy onions, fries, and lemonade (pictured above). It was without a doubt the best burger I’ve ever had. Plus it’s more fashionable than your average diner. The British have bested us again, at our own game.


Prezzo is an authentic Italian restaurant that will “transport you to the Amalfi coast.” It was the poshest place we went to and, that being said, it wasn’t a place I’d feel uncomfortable wearing a pair of nice jeans and blouse into. I had pineapple and prosciutto pizza. I’d been craving some pizza, but been trying to eat authentically British. But I got to see how the British do Italian which was a real treat.


Like a Townie (1)

Obviously, as pubs, we were basically obligated to drink. In fact, on our last night we went on a pub crawl to the Selwyn pubThe Granta, and The Anchor. We got a pitcher of Pimm’s with strawberries, limes, lemons, and cucumbers. I’ve never liked any alcohol I’ve ever tried (wine, champagne, hard lemonade, nothing), but I liked this. I got a Rekorderlig on Becca’s advice afterward and it was really good too. When that wasn’t available, Kipparberg was my go-to. Generally I’m always down for a Swedish cider.


Look BookOn our last day in town, we wandered into the Michaelhouse Café inside. St. Michael’s Chapel to escape the rain and had tea and scones (which were lowkey better than even at The Orchard). It was gorgeous inside, an odd but beautiful blend of modern and ancient.

Itsu is another fun place to visit if you’re looking for a quick, cheap, low maintenance bite to eat. It’d call it Asian fast food, but it’s too posh for that label.


Bellina’s chocolate shop is a small place with exotic flavor truffles like whiskey, passion fruit, and even chili. Of course, you’ll find plenty of less exotic but absolutely delicious. I highly recommend it!

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