A PC Season’s Greetings To You

In most of America—especially in the South—Christianity is a part of everyday life. This is accentuated during the holidays. Children are let out of school for “Christmas Break,” they pledge allegiance to “one nation under God,” and currency is inscribed with God’s name. Many people are of the opinion that being “politically correct” is a way for people to hide their faith, or to shun Christ.

I disagree, and here’s why:

Christianity was founded upon kindness. Christ was sent to redeem us and forgive everyone for our sins. Everyone. Not everyone who has the same beliefs as you, not everyone who looks and walks and talks like you, not everyone who we deem as “worthy”—everyone.

From what I have seen, people tend to pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe in. People are hasty to quote Leviticus at members of the LGTBQIA+ community, but ignore the “outdated” parts of the scripture (such as not wearing two types of fabric together) as it suits them. This use of the Bible to perpetuate hate is a little disturbing, to say the least.

However, being “politically correct” does not mean compromising our own personal beliefs (although I do believe that it is equally important to reflect on those from time to time). Being “politically correct” means not being so quick to judge someone else’s life choices as “wrong” just because they don’t match up with your own.

We are not called to shove our religion down other people’s throats. We are called to follow the Golden Rule, and to practice unselfish kindness. Kindness involves being considerate of others in everyday life.

So my heart is hurting.

My heart aches for the thousands of Muslims being denied entry to the States based on a blind fear that anyone who looks like them must be a terrorist.

My heart breaks for the 1.8 million Muslims in America who are being stereotyped and discriminated against regularly because of that same blind fear.

My heart cries for the victims of the mass shootings and other tragedies everywhere.

Sometimes, I feel helpless, others, scared. How can we ever hope for peace when the world is filled with so much blind hatred?

I believe that the best thing that we can do—no matter who we are—is to practice kindness, to share love. We need that kindness now more than ever.

I truly hope that one day we will no longer stereotype based on race or religion, that we will treat our fellow humans with the basic decency that everyone deserves, that we will truly practice what we preach.

Until then, I will strive to remain “politically correct” and, above all, kind.

Happy holidays.

– – –

As seen here on Odyssey

Becca Jean

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