How to Change Your Mac Folder Color

I was tweaking with my old desktop wallpaper for a fresh feel, so I added a fabulous stock photo from Elle Drouin’s Styled Stock Society (grab 10 free stock photos here, sign up for monthly freebies here, and/or become a member here for full access to the feminine entrepreneur collection!).

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 3.09.24 PM.png

This particular wallpaper is not for sale/download because SSS retains the copyright, but you can find a similar one with my School/Blog/Work template here or my Cliffs of Moher calendar one here and in my freebies section!


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After I made the wallpaper, I thought (for probably the millionth time) that there was most likely a way to change the folder color on my Mac. So I finally Googled it since I am taking this week (on spring break from subbing) to vamp up my blog and get things in order for the coming month.

I found this video and it was super helpful! Have fun my lovelies!


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