Transylvanian Lovers

Guest writer Tahimi’s poem, “Transylvanian Lovers,” in The Elixir.

My sweet beloved,

your stream of red

sustains me in death.

I cling to you

in the shadows of your dreams.

Red rose petals on fresh

fallen snow envy the droplets

of love that embrace in a crimson

river down your ivory slopes and curves.


My darkness and death,

the tomb and the wooden stake,

all wreak like the tales of deception

ingrained in your head.


Don’t you know you’re my lifeline?

My bud, the arch of your back

as I slip into your neck

opens veins of passion and lust.


At night you bloom like a lily,

your silken droplets ripple before me, my flower wrapped

in my cloak of night.


My sweet beloved,

you taste of ambrosia,

smell like the honeysuckle

blossoming in summer.


There is no death around you,

but for the darkness nipping

your neck with the rising of the moon.

You haunt me in my sleep,

so I will haunt you in your dreams.


via Transylvanian Lovers

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