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I started Partial Disclosure because I knew that my words/thoughts/ideas were collecting dust in folders on my Mac. So here we are. That being said, I can never tell my whole story–who can?–so I give you fair warning: things will only ever be #partiallydisclosed.

I’m a wife–married to my beau of going on eight years.

I’m a mother–our only daughter P.J. was born in 2015.

And I’m a student  I just graduated from Brenau University with a bachelor’s degree in English (creative writing minor).

Feel free to contact me for any reason–I’d love to hear from you about any projects, woes, or thrills.


Some things that might fill in some blanks of who I am: My Wedding VowsMy Daughter’s Birth Story, & how I Recreated Myself.

I deal mainly with creative writing–most of which is essentially nonfiction in content. Some pieces I’m particularly proud of are: Honeymoon: Take TwoDiaper Rash, & Pregnant Dreams.


Some articles that will help you understand me as a writer and a woman: What was Virginia Woolf Wearing?Why I Never Wanted to Be a Mom, & I’m a Mom and I Selfishly Chose to Go to College Anyway.

I also love to decorate, throw birthday parties, and am trying to learn to cook after all these years. So if you’re up for anything, we’ll get along swell.

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