Globe Guide + Much Ado Review

The Globe Theatre, in case you're unaware, was the playhouse where William Shakespeare wrote and performed with the Lord Chamberlain's Men--lead by Richard Burbage. If you've seen Shakespeare in Love than you've got all this down pat. What stands today, of course, is not the original establishment. The original was constructed in 1599, but burned down in …

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Broadway’s The Little Mermaid

Disney's overhaul of their third Broadway show. I recently went to see Disney's The Little Mermaid at The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. This venture was inspired by a previous anniversary's success with The Lion King-- my husband was moved to tears within the first line of Rafiki's wonderfully rich cry. Due to its predecessor, this …

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Sleeping Beauty

The Gainesville Theatre Alliance’s production of Sleeping Beauty* was lovely; it had dazzling scene design, rich costuming, and committed actors. However, the makeup was somewhat lacking. Some characters seemed to have no makeup on altogether, while others were so heavily stylized, when in combination with their multi-patterned costumes, their features were rendered nearly indistinguishable. Characters such …

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