Linguist Thumbnails


  • Nell Abbott, youngest daughter of George & Cynthia, is a gifted linguist who is on the autism spectrum, though high-functioning. She is often acutely uncomfortable or inappropriate in social settings and prefers a solitary lifestyle.
  • Reese (nee Abbott) Wells, eldest daughter of George & Cynthia, is a non-profit lawyer, married to Rodger, with two children, Eliza and Norah. She tends to bite off more than she can chew because she feels like she needs to prove something, though she doesn’t know to whom.
  • Will Farris is Reese’s old boyfriend from high school who was once a football star, but now works as a gardener for her mother Cynthia. He has always had a soft spot for Nell and her ‘quirks.’ He is light-hearted and self-assured.
  • Cynthia Abbott is a former stay-at-home mother, who is struggling to find her role now that her children, Reese and Nell, are adults and her husband George has passed away. Accustomed to luxury and convenience, she is vain and self-absorbed.
  • Rodger Wells, Reese’s husband, is a social worker who is very affectionate to his wife and daughters, but a little preoccupied in general and somewhat haunted by his work.
  • Eliza Wells, eldest daughter of Reese & Rodger, is a senior in high school who plays soccer, but has just recently broken her leg and lost her chance at a scholarship. She is afraid of being ‘poor’ like her parents.
  • Norah Wells, youngest daughter of Reese & Rodger, is an opinionated fourth grader who is strikingly perceptive at inconvenient times. Her biggest ambition in life currently is to become a contortionist and tour with the circus.


  • Lawyer–double cast by the actor playing Rodger.
  • Mother–double cast by the actress playing Eliza.
  • Child–double cast by the actress playing Norah.