Lost in the City: Milan

Milan is one of Italy’s most bustling cities, second only to the country’s capital, Rome. It has a very New-York-City-but-European vibe to it, but it still manages to hold many of the charms that tourist flock to Italy to see -- museums, cathedrals, other fancy old buildings, delicious food, etc. After a few trips to Milan, …

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Restaurant Guide: Murray’s

We wanted to dine at an authentic local pub and we passed Murray’s Bar & Grill on our way back from exploring Grafton Street, so we made plans to come back after our sorely needed naps. From the outside, it looked to be the perfect balance between sketchy and uptown. In 1908, Grandma Murray opened Murray’s Pub at …

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Restaurant Guide: The Orchard & the Green Man

By way of Grantchester Meadows, we walked to The Orchard Tea Garden for a leisurely brunch after our outing to London the previous day. The Orchard is practically a right of passage to all Cambridge students and rightly so. Famous visitors include: Stephen Hawking (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in The Theory ofEverything), Alan Turing (portrayed by Benedict …

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