Transylvanian Lovers

Guest writer Tahimi's poem, "Transylvanian Lovers," in The Elixir. My sweet beloved, your stream of red sustains me in death. I cling to you in the shadows of your dreams. Red rose petals on fresh fallen snow envy the droplets of love that embrace in a crimson river down your ivory slopes and curves.   My darkness …

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The Linguist (Scene 7)

For reference, see character thumbnails. [Nell’s childhood bedroom; night; NELL is pacing and mumbling agitatedly; she hears a knock at her door; she goes to answer it] NELL:     [disbelieving]     William Farris is knocking. Now he’s in my room. [WILL starts to come in but NELL makes to send him out] WILL:     C’mon, Nell, don’t be …

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The Linguist (Scene 6)

For reference, see character thumbnails. [outside Abbott estate; NELL enters, fuming] NELL:     [muttering]     William Farris working here? As a gardener? The football player, the half-back, number 47, scored two touchdowns in the championship against the Barrow Bulldoggs during his senior year, scouted by representatives from Harvard and Yale? Six foot three with dark hair, tan …

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